Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gramma Jeans

So I needed to run to walmart last night for allergy meds, for some reason my allergies are crazy awful right now, and I decided it wasn't in a hurry to get home because I still had lots of steps to get in. I was looking around and saw some jeans that said they had a slimming panel and I thought what the heck? and I tried them on. Well I've described my adventures in changing rooms before so I thought I new what I was in for, but to my happiness they totally did not fit...they were too big. I quickly got dressed, went over to where all the jeans were and pcked up 6 different styles of size 10's. Back into the dressing room I went to start trying on all the jeans. Every single one of them fit!!! OK , two of them gave me a muffin top so they weren't very attractive, but still ...SMILES. I might not make my weight goal for my birthday, but check this goal off baby!
 So did I buy any new jeans.... eww no, even when they try to be stylish, walmart jeans look like gramma jeans!! Anyway, besides the point... Happy Day


  1. Sherri, You need to call me ASAP! It's funny that I got on here today and your post was the first and it's about JEANS! Call me now!!! 714-3343517. A size 10?! Holy Crap!!! You need to reward yourself with Designer Jeans, girl! That was actually my goal for weight loss: I wanted to be able to fit in designer jeans! So what I have to talk to you about was destiny for me! LOL

  2. Way to go Sherri! I tried on Jeans today too, the same size as you!