Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm Back

For all those who thought I might've been out of the blogging world for good... I'm back. Note to self... blog when taking a break from dieting 'cause maybe then I exercise a little bit. I don't want this post to sound overly negative at all, because I'm not upset that I took the last two weeks off. I do wish, however, that my body did not rebel like it does. I feel a bit like the staypuff marshmellow man with a sinus infection. I always feel so terrible when I'm not eating what I should, ok, not when I'm eating german chocolate cake balls (I made three different batches in the last two weeks), but soon after I feel yucky. In my over all health, weightloss plan of two years, I might have set myself back a month, but that's OK.
I asked my husband for a workout program called P90X for my birthday and I started it yesterday. Six days a week there are different hour to hour and a half workouts. There are three basic 90 day programs: lean, classic, and doubles. I am planning to do them all in this order. The lean program seems to be easier on the joints, and till I lose another 20 to 25 lbs. I think it's the smartest choice. I did my first workout yesterday and I actually really enjoyed it. There were some things that were a little too difficult, but I'm looking forward to the day that I'll be able to do it all. This might sound funny, but I'm really excited to get right back into my workouts. My short term goal is to lose what I gained in the past two weeks and to feel good in my skin again. I won't post my weight until next week so at least the water gain portion of my weight gain will be gone. I figure it will probably take about three weeks to get back to where I was. (Don't worry, the cake balls were worth it!) Smiles


  1. I have already told Greg that I want P90X for my next birthday (which is a day before the baby is due). I'm glad you are trying it out. I want to hear if it's worth the money.

  2. Ryan did that and he liked it a lot, and my friend Jamie has loved it!