Monday, April 26, 2010

Weigh In..

Big Smiles!!! So totally worth skipping the chocolate covered strawberries(although it did take 3 days to come to that conclusion). I stepped on the scale this morning and it said 167.5lbs, that means I'm down 4 lbs this week!!!! This is big for me, this is the lowest I've weighed since delivering my first son. It has been over 16 years since I've even seen the scale say 168lbs, and I've beat that by a half pound ... YaY! Another thing to be excited about, I think I'm less than 10lbs away from not being considered obese anymore. That will be another happy day.
As a way of reporting, I still have not cheated on my diet, and I have been walking at least 15,000 steps a day. My pedometer is not working, but I'm fairly certain I've been doing enough steps each day. My new pedometer should come in the next day or two, then my count will be more accurate. My goal this week is to maintain my weight, sometimes that's hard to do after a 4lb loss, but that's what I'm going for.
I made cheese stuffed tomatoes yesterday, I think they would have been yummy if I had remembered to prep the tomatoes the right way as shown on the Pioneer Women's blog. I forgot to salt the inside of tomatoes and flip them over to render out some of their juice, so thet turned out kind of mushy. The biggest bummer is that they were supposed to be a special treat for me because I made a bum load of yummy french toast for my kids and hubby. Oh well, let's not forget that I  am down 4lbs!!! Well I'ts a new week, no time to be a slacker, I'm planning on being healthier next Monday than I am

Friday, April 23, 2010


I JUST TURNED DOWN CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES FROM THE BERRY FACTORY!!!!That was way,way harder than anything I've turned down lately. Low carb cheesecake, low carb cheesecake, low carb cheesecake(see proceeding post). Somebody tell me it is worth it.


I'm going out to lunch today at the cheesecake factory, and I'm totally excited. I already went online and picked out my menu items so I don't have to sift through other yummy food when I get there. I am going to have a BLT salad, a yummy steak, and I'll follow it up with a slice of low carb cheesecake. Smiles, Smiles,and more Smiles!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Cried a Little

For more pictures of my beautiful daughter and her junior prom check out my family blog, Cofessions of Chaos. This blog is all about me and my weightloss journey....  When I saw these pictures I cried a little. For the first time in many, many, MANY years I liked how I looked in a picture ( or 4 pictures). To me I finally look just like any other normal size mom, not perfect, but not enormous. Yeah!! Thanks Ruth, I'm sure some of it has to do with your amazing picture taking abilities. I might not be losing as fast as I want, but eventually I will reach my goals.

Monday, April 19, 2010

"Just my thoughts"

I choose to live by choice, not by chance;

to make changes, not excuses;

to be motivated, not manipulated;

to be useful, not used;

to excel, not compete.

I choose self-esteem, not self-pity.

I choose to listen to the inner voice, not random opinions.

- Unknown

Weigh in

Well it was one those slow weeks, I lost exaclty NOTHING. I weighed in at 171.5 lbs. I lost nothing and gained nothing(good thing). Normally I would be a little more bummed but my church outfit yesterday did wonders for my figure and I got tons of compliments, who cares what the scale said this morning.SMILES. Once again I show that it really doesn't take very much to make myself happy. I forgot my pedometer on Saturday so I don't know how many steps I did but I know it wasn't enough because I spent at least three hours of the day doing hair for the prom. Pictures to be posted as soon as I get them on my Confessions of Chaos blog.
As a way of checking in I should record that I have not cheated, even once, on my low carb diet since beginning it again last month. As an example of a typical Sunday afternoon, and the temptations that just about kill me, I made the family lasagna, garlic bread, corn , and a salad. I made myself, fish (not my favorite, but it is supposed to be good for me), and salad. For those of you who adore fish, this probably doesn't seem too bad, but for me ... I ADORE CARBS!!! ok, ok I got that out of my system, and I did live through yesterday, and I will live through today. My only question is will it EVER get easier???   I'm having fun with the words in CAPS today, is it bugging you yet? My steps for today are up to 9,000 and it's 10am, I have realized that I'm going to have to add back in some of the cardio that was hurting my knee and shoulder because I'm just not seeing the progress I want to with walking only. I'll try not to come up with excuses and do a little extra today,  but then again I am the QUEEN of excuses. Have a good day and make it a good week.... get up and do something .

Friday, April 16, 2010

"Tip of the Day"

Enjoy compliments about your appearence, do not disregard, sometimes we are too critical of ourselves and cannot see or really appreciate the progress we are making. Use the compliments to build yourself up and work yourself harder. This one is a hard one for me, but I'm getting better.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Follow my Family

For those of you who have wanted to know more about what is going on with my family you can follow my family at  Please remember to check in on me here at Sherri's Sharings, you and your comments motivate me daily and I don't want to lose that

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pilates tomorrow instead

I skipped pilates yesterday because I got enough activity in. I almost doubled my step goal, I ended up with over  27,000 steps. I went for my walk and then played eighteen holes of golf. This morning I was up at 5am for my walk, my body rebelled from the time I took my first step. It was one of the harder workouts I have done in a while. My body is so sore, I was able to get a two hr massage this afternoon, but after that I did absolutely nothing. I ended up with only 11,230 steps, but my body is still hurting. Wouldn't it be cool if the whole time your body was sore it was burning more fat and calories. I would be able to get away with exercising hard once or twice a week, oooooo dreamy. Time to get to sleep, I'm supposed to get at least 7 hrs of sleep a night and it's already too late for tonight.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Weigh in...

Finally some progress ...yay! When I got on the scale this morning I was 171.5lbs, that means I'm down 2.5lbs. My pedometer has motivated me to get up and get moving. Friday I did over 20,000 steps, Saturday over 17,000. Today I struggled a little but I did not get into bed until I had reached 15,000. Tomorrow I want to get at least 15,000 and  do 40 minutes of Pilates. Who's with me, I want to work hard this week and see what results I can get. I tried on a bathing suit yesterday and let's just say it's going to take A LOT of hard work. Bring it On!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

"Just my thoughts"

You know those puzzles that have three different pieces.  A head, middle, and bottom that can be miss matched with other heads, middles, and bottoms? Well  I feel like I've got the right head and at least my middle is human, but how the heck did I get stuck with this hippo butt?

Friday, April 9, 2010

More motivation needed

I don't know what my problem is but my lack of motivation is not motivating me. Really? you ask. Sorry but that is the only way I can explain it. This week my only motivation to exercise has come from this blog. I'm so thankful to those who keep checking in on me, you've made a difference. That being said I need more of an inner desire to accomplish my goals, over all I know I've done pretty good, but all it takes are a couple of weeks of not losing weight to get me down. I've stated it before, my mind is a rollercoaster, it changes from day to day, and right now I just need some covincing to throw my hands up in the air, scream, and enjoy the ride. I've decided to join a couple of my sisters and put my pedometer back on. I haven't worn it in more than a year because at one time I didn't need the extra push, I was way self-motivated. My week has played out a little like this... wake up at 6am, skpping morning exercise, instead of 5am like I should, go to work, come home, go to various track meets and golf tournaments to watch my kids, come home and veg, around 9:30pm I think to myself ...CRAP, I didn't exercise yet and I'm going to have to blog that. That thought at least produces a little work out, last night it was 30 minutes, pathetic!!smiles. So my starting goal  will be 15,000 steps. When I was really doing well I was walking 23 to 24,000 steps a day. I don't know if I can do that with a job that requires me to literally sit on my butt for 5 hours, but I can always make higher goals later. So let the games begin...  ya, I totally agree, that was stupid.... how 'bout... here's to new motivation. smiles

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My favorites

Thought I'd share my favorite workouts. These three do a really good job of combining strength trainig and cardio. The 30 day shred has three 20 min workouts, the other two are 50 min workouts. Jillian will kick your butt!

Mari Winsor Pilates is my absolute favorite for firming and strengthening my tummy.

This new system comes with at least 4 dvds, a weight bar and bands. Love it!

I got 40 min of exercise in on Monday, 3hrs of golf on Tuesday,and 40 minutes of strength training today. I will try to do more than 40 min tomorrow, I really need to start getting closer to 2hrs a day if I want to meet my goals

Monday, April 5, 2010

Weigh in...

Well I was really hoping for big loss this week but, no, I weighed 174lbs this morning, that means I'm only down .5lbs. I guess I still need to look for the positive, I didn't gain, and there is less of me this week than last, unfortunatley, it is from my chest because I'm no longer hormonal. I could have sworn I dropped more than a half pound of boobbage. After Wednessday I only worked out once and that was Sat. morning and only a two mile walk. As I stated in my last post my kids have been on spring break and I felt really bad about coming home after  being gone half the day at work and then taking more 'me' time to exercise. So, right or wrong, I played lots of board games instead. I know what your thinking, dah, you didn't lose weight, you didn't exercise!  I know this, really I do, but in the past my low carb weight loss isn't totally dependant on exercise, maybe that has changed, and I was so good on the food side of things. I think instead of writing down the things I ate, which are boring and under 20 carbs per day, I'll write down some of the things I didn't eat this Easter weekend. Things I avoided completely... all candy, my yummy peanut butter chocolate butterscotch krispy treats, blueberry scones, waffles, cheesy potatoes, rolls, three different kinds of pie, and sparkling cider. Those are things I skipped just yesterday, so in my mind somehow that computed to be about 5 lbs weight loss. What the heck, that's not how it works, really?  I'm not bitter or anything, I really didn't want any of it anyway, says the fat chick who has made a career out of eating lots of really yummy food. smiles (really I'm smiling). Here's to baby steps, may I not be completely old and ugly by the time I can fit into super cute clothes. Have a great day and.... I'm not giving up!