Monday, April 19, 2010

Weigh in

Well it was one those slow weeks, I lost exaclty NOTHING. I weighed in at 171.5 lbs. I lost nothing and gained nothing(good thing). Normally I would be a little more bummed but my church outfit yesterday did wonders for my figure and I got tons of compliments, who cares what the scale said this morning.SMILES. Once again I show that it really doesn't take very much to make myself happy. I forgot my pedometer on Saturday so I don't know how many steps I did but I know it wasn't enough because I spent at least three hours of the day doing hair for the prom. Pictures to be posted as soon as I get them on my Confessions of Chaos blog.
As a way of checking in I should record that I have not cheated, even once, on my low carb diet since beginning it again last month. As an example of a typical Sunday afternoon, and the temptations that just about kill me, I made the family lasagna, garlic bread, corn , and a salad. I made myself, fish (not my favorite, but it is supposed to be good for me), and salad. For those of you who adore fish, this probably doesn't seem too bad, but for me ... I ADORE CARBS!!! ok, ok I got that out of my system, and I did live through yesterday, and I will live through today. My only question is will it EVER get easier???   I'm having fun with the words in CAPS today, is it bugging you yet? My steps for today are up to 9,000 and it's 10am, I have realized that I'm going to have to add back in some of the cardio that was hurting my knee and shoulder because I'm just not seeing the progress I want to with walking only. I'll try not to come up with excuses and do a little extra today,  but then again I am the QUEEN of excuses. Have a good day and make it a good week.... get up and do something .

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  1. Way to be strong yesterday! Sundays are one of my hardest days because I dont do much to keep myself busy, and church is out by 11am, so I think about food a lot. Good job on the steps so far today!