Tuesday, October 5, 2010

You knew I wasn't dead, but I bet you thought this blog was...

  I survived my summer!!! I could just leave it at that, it would take much less time to type. I won't however, because the last couple months deserve at least a highlight reel. Let's see... this summer had lots of fun, and a little bit of stress. My stress came in the form of work, and no, my work is NOT stressful, but I have never worked while my kids are home, and for half of each day this summer that's is exactly what happened. There was a time in my life that summers were not my favorite because the kids were all home from school and it was just too much work, but my kids are older now and the last couple (until this one) have been amazing. I am happy to say that we did survive and happy day , they are back in school.
  Here are some other things worth mentioning to catch you up to date ... I finished my ninety days doing P90x with only missing seven workouts total( bummer is that four of the workouts were in the last week... crooked smiles), missed workouts were due to visitors, my bff visited twice with her family, my mom also twice, once with my brother and sister, once with my dad. We had two birthdays in August and one baptism, three kids started college. We had two day trips to raging waters, I had gained fifteen pounds by the beginning of September, and my first daughter got engaged! How's that for  highlights! I'm exhausted just thinking about it.
  My intention was to blog when September started, but that is when I stepped on the scale. Since the is a weightloss blog I figured it was not very motivating to start posting with so much weight gain. I do however, want to keep my blog real, and when you eat whatever you want for two months and stop exercising all together... you gain alot of flipping weight!! I set a goal to start blogging again at the beginning of October and pulled out my low carbing big guns. I am happy to report that as this morning the scale read 167.5 lbs., that ties my lowest weight for the year, and even beats my last post by a couple of pounds. I have not had ANY sugar, flour, potatoes, or corn in the last month. It has not been easy, but totally wort it! I think one of my downfalls of the summer was not posting to this blog, without the constant accountability I really start sliding... but I'm back baby!! I would like to lose another ten to fifteen pounds before the wedding which is December 28th, guess who's dieting clear through the holidays? Do you want to join me? If you lose weight during the holidays when everyone else is gaining ten pounds you look twice as skinny... smiles!


  1. YEAH!! I'm so glad you're back! It was so good to see you a couple weeks ago and you look great! Congrats on getting back down on your low carb diet! That's awesome.

    I would love to join you and lose another 10 or 15 by Christmas! That would be awesome!!! We can do it! :)Love you Sherri!!!

  2. Glad you're back! My family and I are doing our own version of biggest loser. It's so fun to have everyone in on, it helps be stay motivated becauseI want to win!! I'm going to be "dieting" through the holidays, though I will eat desserts on the day of the holiday.
    You said you had 3 kids start college??..3?

  3. Steph and Tim both tested out of Center and started at ARC. I might eat on Thanksgiving, and I'm definitely Eating everything the week of Christmas, Wedding, and New Years. Big Smiles!!

  4. I will join you Sherri. I am cutting out all baked goods and candy until Christmas. I am hoping to also lose 10lbs by then. My two weeks before I get to your place will be the cleanse. Good luck, I know you can do it!