Monday, June 14, 2010

Weigh in .....REALLY?

Once again I think I am going to make changes to my diet. I got on the scale this morning and it read 171 lbs. That is totally the WRONG direction... up 2 lbs .. so sad. Am I depressed? Heck no! Should I be? I have busted butt for three weeks and I know, weight up or down, that my body has benifitted from the hard work I've put in. Having said that , something has got to be changed, cause' you better believe I'm not going to do all this work and gain weight. I know myself way to well, and all it will take is waking one morning in a delightfully hormonal mood and my cupboards and refrigerator will shake in fear of the monster released on them. Today, however, I am in control (for the moment) and I think a small change in diet is needed. Ok, maybe not that small, but I tell myself that so I that I know I can do it. I am switching to the P90X diet plan with a few revisions that I might have to adapt as I go along. Biggest difference between what I'll be doing and the actual plan is calories. The plan wants me to eat 1800 calories a day, but I really think they are catering to fit people who want to become super human, not 40lbs overweight. I know that you have to burn 3,000 more cal. than you eat to lose l lb, so right now I will be aiming for 11 to 1300 cal. a day. I will be following the recommended structure of the diet though. A rough explaination would be split up into units of about 100 calories.   5 of protein, 1 fruit, 2 veggie( only 50 cal. each), 2 dairy,1 fat,1 carb,1 snack and 1 condiment. I think this will provide me with some energy I have been missing out on and yet hold me accountable so that not all 1300 cal. come from carbs like they have in the past. This is going to be harder to follow because when you are eating few enough carbs your amounts of food and fats are not limited, as you can see, they are now. Wish me luck... I would really like to NOT gain this next week.
This is the start of week 4 of this excersize program, it is a rest week...but I don't get to rest! Rest week just means that I don't lift weights this week, I still have 6  hour to an hour and a half workouts, we'll see how it goes. Oh, forgot to mention instead 8  8oz glasses of water a day , I need to drink 8  12oz glasses.  The bathroom will quickly become my best friend ... yuck.


  1. You know the weight you just put on is muscle. I think a diet change will be good though, like a fresh start again. Good luck!

  2. Good job sticking to the workouts and knowing when to change things up! Eventually, as far as I have learned, you should start losing just because your new muscles are eating all the fat up!