Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Weigh in....

So Monday the scale read 169 lbs.... so I'm headed in the right direction. Some things I've already avoided this week; baked ziti, homemade donuts, fruit pizzas ( the ones you make with sugar cookies, smiles), and homemade bread sticks and pizza. The weight is not coming off super fast with P90X, but everything is firming up rather quickly. I have not missed any workouts yet, and I'm in my third week. I'm still very impressed with the workouts. I have found that I'm not real fond of working out on Saturdays, but I plan on keeping it up. When I started the workouts all of my push ups were done on my knees, I can now do about a third of them the good oldfashioned way. I still think it will be a miracle if I can ever do a pull up, but my goal is to do one before my 40th birthday, so I've got three years... we'll see.
My boys (Anthony & Nathan) have found a new passtime during church. They sit to my sides and play with the extra "soft fat" that hangs from my arms. Some of you might find that gross or depressing, but not me, I have to bring less pens and paper now...... SMILES

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